Flexible Learning: Why it’s Effective

author Carol Mentis, February 19, 2018

For most people, education hasn’t been the centre of positive learning they thought they would experience. From less than stellar times at school to finding out how easy it is to slack off in college, regimented learning routines certainly aren’t the route to happiness and prosperity for everyone. And that’s part of the reason why, […]

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Encouraging Project Productivity and Motivation with the Digital Workplace

author Carol Mentis, February 16, 2018

In the modern office, there are a million and one things going on at any given minute – and with the tendency for most businesses to work in an open-plan space, for those working on projects or longer-term goals it can be challenging to stay focused, productive and motivated. With progress reports, confusing meetings and […]

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HR and the Digital Workplace

author Carol Mentis, February 12, 2018

People are what makes the business world go round, and HR teams are the managers. There’s nothing more important than staying connected and digital collaboration software is a great way to bring your HR team together. It can be used to manage tasks and work streams, provide training and software and, most importantly, it brings […]

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Is the Paperless Office Finally Ready to Happen?

author Carol Mentis, February 9, 2018

About 20 years ago, computer magazines were full of stories promising the paperless office of the computer. Like many predictions, this failed to take off. Back in the day, computer systems simply weren’t sophisticated enough to make document storage and retrieval quick and easy. Whilst many intranet and IT managers were loath to admit it, […]

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Claromentis Unveils Brand New Customer Support Portal

author Kerensa Johnson, February 5, 2018

Our customer support portal, Discover, has been completely revamped with a focus on video user guides, free webinars, and downloadable resources. The transformation comes at an exciting time, where our latest digital workplace offering is in full swing with many of our customers enjoying the revolutionary features it provides. As our customer base grows and […]

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Avoid These Common Mistakes People Make Using Collaboration Software

author Carol Mentis, February 2, 2018

Collaboration software is revolutionising the way businesses capture, analyse, and share information, improving efficiencies and saving costs across departments. Effective use of collaboration software has helped businesses to improve employee engagement and produce more innovative solutions to business challenges. Implementing collaboration software throughout your business is a huge undertaking and one that requires planning, testing […]

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How to Reduce Your Training Costs Using E-learning Software

author Carol Mentis, January 31, 2018

Managing your training requirements can be a tricky business. Not only do you need to keep track of which members of staff have received which training, but you also need to deliver the training and ensure that everyone has met their legal obligations and no vital certifications have expired. Traditionally, companies have tracked this by […]

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Starting Your Business With Help From Intranet Project Management Solutions

author Carol Mentis, January 26, 2018

The start of any business is a very exciting but also stressful time in the life of a company. Building a team, establishing a culture and creating efficient ways of working are all important aspects at this early stage. Using a digital workplace can be a great way to practise efficient, connected and collaborative ways […]

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Good Advice: Consultancy Firms Need Learning Management System Software

author Carol Mentis, January 24, 2018

Any firm that acts in advisory capacity can’t afford to stand still. Whatever the sector you are in, you need to have one eye on the future, to be sure that your clients will continue to come for you for advice and professional insights, whether that’s staying ahead of legislation, predicting marketing trends or perfecting […]

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Project Management Software for Asset Management and Acquisitions in the Financial Sector

author Carol Mentis, January 19, 2018

The digital workplace is up and running and there is no getting away from the competitive edge it gives companies and corporations who engage with it. For financial businesses involved in asset management and/or acquisitions, project management collaboration software is a fantastic way to enter the digital workplace market space and gain from the efficiencies […]

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