Key Features of Enterprise Intranet Software

Use Claromentis within your enterprise to unite globally dispersed teams, increase productivity and improve communication and knowledge sharing. We support organisations with large numbers of employees through load balancing the workload across multiple servers. Our intranet software also provides a personalized experience to each employee through the in-built permission engine.

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Not Just an Intranet but a Digital Workspace

Given the complex nature of large organisations, enterprise intranets must act like digital workspaces; providing a gateway to third-party systems and offering applications that serve a diverse and increasingly dispersed workforce. Digital workspaces must also provide employee self-service tools, productivity-enhancing applications that reach all layers of an enterprise, learning management and secure collaborative spaces - all features of our intranet software.

Digital Workspace

Granular Permissions & Personalization

For enterprises, the need to curate what each employee can see, and the tasks they can complete, prevents employees from being overwhelmed with irrelevant information. Granular permission-rights, within Claromentis, can be attributed to teams, groups, employees with particular roles and individual users - and it’s present throughout all intranet applications. Administrators can easily configure permissions across their workforce and an additional permission layer, in the form of security levels, can be added within the Document Management System.


End-to-End Support and Services

Our support, training and consultancy services cover all aspects of launching and managing your enterprise intranet, and we provide both project and account management. We offer a 24x7 online ticketing system that will enable your administrators to log tickets, request changes, access application user guides and ‘how-to’ articles. In addition to our customer portal, we’re just a phone call away as we provide telephone support via our help-desk.

Support and Services

Support for Thousands of Intranet Users

Server load balancing is an essential requirement for enterprises deploying a new intranet as it provides flexible user management, scalability and uninterrupted availability. System performance, in relation to downtime and speed, is maintained through the ability to effectively distribute workload across multiple servers

Key benefits of a load balanced intranet for enterprises:

  • Reduces Redundancy
  • Scalability
  • Resource Optimisation
  • Flexible Management
  • Optimised Performance
  • Fault Tolerance


Enterprise Security

We take a holistic approach to ensuring security is maintained across our hardware and software. We’ve established security policies and procedures and we’re also ISO 9001 certified. You can choose the in-house deployment option to make use of existing firewall technology to restrict and monitor access to the server. With our SaaS deployment option, cloud servers make use of IPTable firewall technology to manage access to the server.


Third-Party Software Integration

Using our REST-based API, it’s possible to integrate existing software investments within the enterprise with our intranet software. This ability to integrate with third-party systems, will help to minimize disruption to employees by allowing them to keep using their enterprise tools. It’s important for the intranet to act as a single gateway to enterprise applications and to achieve this, our intranet software integrates with Active Directory and Single Sign On (SSO).

Third-Party Software Integration

Work Across Departments

Our intranet software is a fully-featured platform containing applications that employees from across the enterprise, regardless of their department, can use to get work done. This means providing applications that are easy-to-use and adopt, while also being feature-rich. From productivity-enhancing tools to learning management applications - everything you could possibly need in one platform.

Work Across Departments

Custom Development

For enterprises with bespoke requirements that can’t be fulfilled with out-of-the-box features, our software can be extended to include custom features. Our framework can also be used to rapidly build new applications to meet the unique needs of enterprises. Enterprises can therefore benefit from having out-of-the-box functionality, in addition to being able to create custom applications and functionality - if required.

Custom Development

Decentralised Governance & Content Management

As enterprises grow so does the need for more structured, yet dispersed, intranet governance. Since the intranet touches all layers of the organization, so should its governance. A decentralised approach to content management and governance can be achieved using the in-built content management system and admin area.

Decentralised Governance and Content Management

Cross Deployment - Windows or Linux

We’re a cross-platform intranet provider, meaning that we support deployment on Windows and Linux servers – while our data abstraction layer allows us to support both MSSQL and MySQL. This supports enterprises in providing end-users with access to their intranet using Macs and PCs, through any modern browser.

Mobile App

Enterprise Social Networking Mobile App

With the enterprise social networking mobile app, available to all customers free of charge, employees can collaborate with colleagues. Employees aren’t confined to their desktops to collaborate on their intranet - it can be done on the go, using just a mobile.

Social Networking & Mobile App

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