Intranet Software for the Healthcare Sector

Our hospital intranet software can be deployed by organisations of all sizes, situated in any industry sector. With a large number of our customers located in the healthcare sector, see how our intranet features and applications support healthcare organisations.

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Extranets for Healthcare Stakeholders

Our intranet platform supports healthcare organisations to create secure, centralised extranet areas for a variety of stakeholder groups. The stakeholder experience can be completely tailored through the creation of individually branded homepages. Extranet areas can offer updates, self-service areas, collaborative apps, issue desks (through our e-form module) and training courses through the Learning Management System.

Healthcare Extranets

Healthcare Policies & Compliance

Organisational policies can be fully managed and audited through the Policy Management application. Policies can be presented in the form of documents or external web pages. With many healthcare organisations, it's critical that employees comply with new and updated policies - this is supported through the 'policy acceptance' functionality. Intranet administrators can additionally set policy review dates, which trigger notifications when reached.

Policy Management

Hospital Intranet Software

Claromentis have been providing hospital intranet software to healthcare institutions since 2003. Our intranet platforms have helped promote a culture of efficient communication and collaboration within busy healthcare establishments. Hospitals have also benefitted from deploying our comprehensive Learning Platform, where training and e-learning can be brought in-house for a cost-effective and time-saving solution.

Employee Directory

Document Management and Sharing

The permission-based Document Management System allows for healthcare organisations to effectively manage files. Advanced features include on our hospital intranet software the ability to preview documents in the browser, drag-and-drop from the desktop, workflow creation, integration with Google Docs, viewable audit trails and advanced security settings. Permissions can be assigned to individual employees, groups or job roles.

Document Management

Staff Directory and Notifications

Use the People application to create, configure and manage user accounts. Permissions are distributed according to roles and groups. This application also contains a filterable staff list to quickly locate employee information such as skills and contact information.

Employee Directory

E-Forms & Workflows to Manage Healthcare Procedures

E-forms can be built within the intranet portal or extranet areas using the Business Process Management module. Healthcare organisations can replace outdated paper-based processes with dynamic e-forms that contain built-in notifications, workflows and reporting tools.

Business Process Management

Collaborate Securely

Collaboration areas can be created to facilitate team communication. Employees' comments appear in activity streams along with attachments and links. Colleagues can respond, 'like' comments and tag employees to issue notifications. An unlimited number of project spaces can be created on the healthcare intranet.

Collaborate Securely

Easy-to-Use Content Management System

The built-in Content Management System has been designed to enable non-technical employees to easily create intranet pages. Using pre-built page templates, new pages can be added by content administrators to provide departmental landing pages and company information.

Content Management System

Distribute Permission-Rights to Healthcare Professionals

Permission-rights can be assigned to individual employees, groups or roles. This detailed permission system is present throughout all intranet applications. Sensitive and confidential information, relating to customer data, for instance, can be kept secure through this in-built permission system.

Permission Engine

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